Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Champion Network

An exclusive inclusive network for DEI Champions certified by Living Institute

Network community for certified DEI Champions

Four virtual network meetings a year

How is the Network Designed & Why Should I Join?

As DEI Champions, you are primed to drive systemic transformation. However, transformation takes time. We’d really like to support you beyond the seven modules of the DEI Champion Certification. The DEI Champion Network has been created to do just that. 

We wanted to co-create this network with you, so our most important step in the design process has been to be in dialogue with you, the certified DEI Champions who completed the Master Class with Living Institute. Through our conversations, we are learning about your experiences of the certification program, about the areas you would like to dive deeper into and about what you would hope to gain from being part of the network. 

We also looked at the market to see what was out there and gathered feedback from DEI stakeholders on the pros and cons, likes and dislikes about being part of professional networks, and this is where we landed.

Through participation in 4 virtual network meetings per year, you will:

  • Activate and deepen your knowledge of DEIB in a conversation with experts, thought leaders and renowned scientists from around the globe
  • Nurture your relationships with your fellow certified Champions
  • Have the time and space to share your experiences in driving change
  • Learn from the best – all the certified Champions practising DEIB globally

DEI Champion Network

You’re invited to attend 4 annual sessions featuring expert speakers, thought leaders and renowned scientists from around the world who’ll share the newest developments for enhancing DEIB.
In between visits from these experts, we’ll dissect real life challenges that you – as DEI Champions – bring to the roundtable, from which we’ll all draw out the very best practices to implement in our respective contexts. In other words, together we’ll dive deep into the ocean of DEIB and connect with like-minded professionals by joining a network available to everybody who (like you) is a certified DEI Champion. 

Don’t worry, we (and you) can help!

You’re back at work, well on your way to transforming your workplace culture — but something’s missing. Maybe it’s that special sense of belonging when you’re among peers who’ve learned what you have, who can light the fire of inspiration as easily as a spark to dry leaves? Maybe you have that particular zest for pouring all your new knowledge into concrete initiatives and are now witnessing that incredible before-and-after effect that you and your fellow Champions have been hungry for – and it’s given you an entirely new appetite, to get into the meat of all those concepts you’ve become familiar with?

4 facilitated sessions a year

Network Meetings in 2023:

Meeting #1: April 19th
Real-life Case #1 from a client organization

Meeting #2: June 19th
Conversations with a global DEIB thought leader/expert on topic #1

Meeting #3: Sept. 20th
Real life Case #2 from a network member’s organization

Meeting #4: Nov. 21st
Conversations with a global DEIB
thought-leader/expert on topic #2

1pm – 4pm CET

Zoom and Slack


The program is designed for:
DEI Champions certified by Living Institute

€1,600 + vat if applicable

For sign up or more info
Please contact Christina Berggren
+45 50 50 73 48

For sign up or more info

Please contact Christina Berggren
+45 50 50 73 48

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