Who feels included and who don’t?

Base your diversity & inclusion strategy on data
– and pick the most impactful initiatives

The Inclusion Survey is a gap analysis mapping how different groups perceive the level of inclusion and belonging in your organization

What does an inclusion survey look like?

Basically an inclusion survey consists of 3 things:

1. An online questionnaire

2. Interviews

3. Focus groups

We give you a full report on how inclusive your people perceive the company to be. Now you have the knowledge and data you need to pick the right D&I initiatives to make your company the best place to work – for everyone!

Who else have had inclusion surveys?

Global Shipping Companies, Sports Federations, Companies in the Energy Sector, Pharmaceuticals etc.

What did the inclusion surveys show?

That women are more ambitions than men

That 98% percent of the employees want the company to do more about diversity and inclusion

That more than half of the new hires want to leave the company within 2 years