Promoting Gender Balance

Top-quartile companies in terms of gender diversity, have a 39 percent greater likelihood of financially outperforming their bottom-quartile peers.

Gender Balance is not a Checkbox

…or it has to be. Because in June 2026 EU demands listed companies to have at least 33% women in leadership or 40% on boards.

At Living Institute, we’re not about superficial fixes. We dive deep into the DNA of your organization to rewire it for genuine gender equity and a killer culture that is bound to attract and retain the best talents in your field of all genders.

Gender Balance Directive

The deadline for compliance is looming on June 30th, 2026, and many companies are still unaware of the demanding requirements set by the directive for gender minority representation in management, gender-neutral recruitment processes, and reporting on diversity.

By mid-2026, listed organizations must reach one of two goals: Either 40% of the board or 33% of the overall leadership must be of the minority gender. Unsuccessful companies could potentially face so-called effective and dissuasive penalties if incompliant with the demands for recruitment and status reporting.

What We Offer 

DEI Guidance from the Best in Class—crafted for those who dare to lead, not just comply.

We don’t peddle one-size-fits-all solutions. We deal in bespoke strategies that disrupt, innovate, and propel. Data is our sword, experience is our shield. Together, we’ll cut through the red tape to gender parity.

We identify your challenges, strengths, and weaknesses, set new targets, and reach them. We have done this before – we can make that change. Trust us.

We guide you to finding ideal, data-driven next steps for your organization toward gender balance and the documented benefits for culture, innovation, due diligence, and financial prosperity. 

Key Benefits

Financial prosperity, culture, innovation, retention, talent acquisition, due diligence, avoiding sanctions for incompliance —pick your prize. It is all within reach if you make the right moves.

Did you know

Our solution

Our solutions’ point of origin are pinned down in this Matrix. Living Institute’s consultants help you fixate on the right data-driven strategy and Matrix initiatives for you and tailor the training so you avoid wasting costly time on ineffective activities. 

The team at Maersk Management Consulting doubled their share of women in half a year

Don’t just take our word for it. 

Listen to the trailblazers on “The Diversity Virus” podcast and take inspiration from Maersk Management Consulting, who, within just 6-8 months, doubled the share of women in their team from 11% to 23%. 

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Diversity Intelligence: How to Create a Culture of Inclusion for your Business

Heidi R. Andersen, founder of Living Institute, has stuffed over 18 years worth of experience into a practical handbook on making inclusion an essential aspect of your company culture.
The book is on the recommended read list of 238 accredited business schools and universities – including Insead, Oxford University, London Business School, Said Business School etc.