Let’s Talk About Race

Develop an understanding of how to successfully navigate challenging conversations

Changing the conversations around race

Our ability to address tricky topics in the workplace can make or break diversity and inclusion initiatives.

By creating a safe space, where employees can discuss differences, that are often viewed as taboo or politically incorrect, such as in identity, religious beliefs, political options etc., it becomes possible to enhance your company’s culture of belonging, increase engagement, improve retention and foster innovation.

A workshop based on cutting edge science

This workshop enables you to develop an understanding of how to celebrate diversity and equip employees with tools to successfully navigate challenging conversations and situations.

By exploring cutting edge science, that debunks myths regarding the supposed inherent abilities of various racial groups, which are largely based of stereotypical assumptions instead of proved data and research, this workshop provides practical tools enabling you to position organisation as a beacon of inclusion.

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Diversity Intelligence: How to Create a Culture of Inclusion for your Business

Heidi R. Andersen, founder of Living Institute, has stuffed over 18 years worth of experience into a practical handbook on making inclusion an essential aspect of your company culture. It starts with a little thing we call diversity intelligence. And it has big implications for your company’s future.