Webinar: The dos and don’ts of accelerating gender balance

By mid-2026, listed organizations must reach one of two goals: Either 40% of the board or 33% of the overall leadership must be of the minority gender. Unsuccessful companies could potentially face so-called effective and dissuasive penalties if incompliant with the demands for recruitment and status reporting.
But gender balance is not just about compliance and listed companies. Increasing the number of women in management is proven to provide a variety of benefits for companies succeeding with diversity and inclusion.


Financial prosperity, culture, innovation, retention, talent acquisition, due diligence, avoiding sanctions for incompliance —pick your prize. It is all within reach if you make the right moves.

Living Institute’s 20-year proven track record of turning DEI marathons into sprints is your fast track to gender balance

If an exclusionary culture remains unchanged, any initiative to improve gender balance will most likely fail. Many companies have found this to be true over the past ten to twenty years.

In this webinar founder and author, Heidi R. Andersen, will dive into the dos and don’ts of accelerating gender balance and how you create a cultural transformation where men and women are working and winning together.

The webinar is a perfect mix of the latest science and best practices.

Read more about your facilitator Heidi R. Andersen here

NB: The webinar is in English

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Sep 12 2024


13:00 - 13:30


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Heidi R. Andersen
Heidi R. Andersen
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