With Cultural Intelligence (CQ) you can gain an overall skill set that can be applied to any cross-cultural scenario

The purpose of a CQ Workshop:

On this workshop you will gain knowledge on what it takes to act in an intercultural context, what the underlying reasons are for why we act and do as we do – and how we, with research based knowledge, best practice and simple tools, can achieve fruitful intercultural working relations. During this workshop the participants will learn how to bridge cultural gaps, gain insights and operate effectively in a global context.

Content of the workshop:

Cultural Intelligence

  • Introduction to Cultural Intelligence and the scientific data behind it
  • Introduction to the four components of CQ  – Drive, Knowledge, Strategy and Action

 Bridging the difference

  • Simulating cultural clashes
  • Form better strategies for working cross culturally
  • Best practice and case studies


  • Group discussion – diversity “beyond the buzzword:” Why should diversity benefit a group or a team?
  • What is the evidence for diversity as a beneficial ingredient?
  • What makes the difference between benefiting from cultural diversity and failing because of diversity?


  • How to reach your goals in your cross-cultural activities through enhanced cultural intelligence
  • Reflections

Measure your level of Cultural Intelligence with an individual IRC profile:

LIVING INSTITUTE collaborates with Dutch Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC)
The Intercultural Readiness Check gives individuals and organizations insight in their intercultural competences and how to develop them. The tool is validated by experts and used by more than 60,000 people worldwide.


Cultural intelligence – a crucial competence in global sales
– when your customers are located worldwide how do you prevent your approach to be influenced by your own cultural biases?
A global manufacturer of marine engines and turbomachinery requested LIVING INSTITUTE to taylor a solution to enhance cross-border competences in their global sales forces.
LIVING INSTITUTE conducted a full day Cultural Intelligence Workshop for each sales unit, creating awareness of the participant’s own cultural blind spots and co-creating new guidelines.
Outcome: The training resulted in an awareness of how unconscious biases have impacted sales negatively in the past and how infusing cultural intelligence to the sales processes resulted in stronger relationship building, loyal clients  and significantly increased sales.

Enhancing scientific research through cultural awareness

A team of scientists from Denmark and the US needs to produce results that are key to the company’s strategy. However, the team is challenged by the differences in culture and norms among its members. The consequence of this is lack of coordination and integration of the results, as well as insufficient communication between the team members. Living Institute sets out to answer the following: how do we create a shared understanding of being on the same team with common visions, values and goals? Thanks to the workshop, all participants became aware of when and why they tend to use stereotypes, and investigated the idea of us vs. them. In addition, they developed a set of rules to interact in intercultural cooperation. Living Institute facilitated a one-day workshop for both groups.

Strengthening Danish architects’ competitiveness

Danish architects win an increasing number of projects abroad, often of high prestige. These winning projects should emphasize the identity and values of the hosting country, while at the same time mirror the soul of the country’s culture. A strong competitive parameter – and a must for the architects – is to have knowledge about the culture of the country in question. A leading group of Danish architects held a seminar where Living Institute mapped the basic principles in cultural awareness for both management and employees.


“Living Institute helped us getting international cultures on our daily working agenda, improving our go to market approach and helping us winning more deals”
– Torben Hohlmann, Senior Vice President, Clearing Services, NETS A/S

“The workshop gave me both a theoretical and practical knowledge on how to engage with other cultures”
– Andreas Høj, Executive Assistant, DBU

“For someone as skeptical as me, this was a great experience – and yet another proof of the fact that you can always learn something new, while having fun”
– Ekaterina Fessina, MAN Diesel

“Great course! I would recommend it to anyone”
– Peter Larsen, MAN Diesel

“The Cultural Intelligence workshop in LIVING INSTITUTE made me much more aware of the importance of cultural understanding and how things can be seen from different angles according to your culture.The very practical approach during the workshop is very efficient and make you remember the topic better. On top of that the Cultural Intelligence digital learning/e-learning is very good, simple and user-friendly. I recommend both the workshop and the on line training to anyone working across cultures.”
– Sylvie Laplace Rohrdanz,
 Executive Assistant to the Group Executive Management in FLSmidth A/S

“We needed a better understanding of the cultural aspects involved in our work, in order to become better and more efficient. Therefore I suggested my colleagues and I participated
in LIVING INSTITUTE’s course ‘Cultural Intelligence – enhance your ability to work internationally’. I participated in person and I went home with a clear understanding
of my own cultural blind spots as a Dane, as well as new insight in how culture plays a vital role in our world”
– Jesper W.L. Pedersen, MAN Diesel