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Finding the elements of a profitable business where you may least expect it: inclusion, belonging, and psychological safety

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We’ll help you design a workplace culture where everyone belongs.

We’re Living Institute, a diversity consultancy that applies the latest evidence-based research to make companies more diverse and inclusive, and – as a result – more innovative, sustainable and profitable.

We do this through Diversity Intelligence.

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We like to think of ourselves as diversity champions (and we’d like to help you become one too)

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All the consultants at LIVING INSTITUTE are experienced, well-educated, masterful designers of sustainable behavioral change. They’re brilliant at facilitating transformation of mindsets, work culture, leadership behaviors, and ultimately of the future of your business.


Diversity and inclusion aren’t fads, but the only path forward in an increasingly connected business world

Diversity isn’t a choice. Inclusion is – the right one, in fact. This book explains why.

Long story short, creating a culture of inclusion isn’t just the right choice, it’s the only one to ensure long-term survival of your business. Diversity and inclusion aren’t fads – they’re the only path forward in an increasingly connected business world. And the earlier you get on that train, the better.

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We’ve helped a lot of companies

There is a magic formula for growing your business. Add inclusion to diversity. We know it’s hard to get the proportions right. So let us help you – we’ve done it a lot.


News, advice, thoughts and experiences from our consultants (for a taste of what you’ll get if you work with us).

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Diversity, inclusion, allyship, psychological safety – they’re not just hashtags or woke buzzwords. They’re paths to a workplace in which everyone belongs.

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