D&I Champion Certification

We like to think of ourselves as diversity champions and we’d like to help you become one too

Diversity & Inclusion Champion Master Class Certification

Workplace cultures are systems – human systems, with all the complexity and fuzziness those entails. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be changed.

Maybe you’re the one to do that?

You’re here because you’ve noticed something off about your company’s culture. Maybe you’re in tune with wider cultural shifts, maybe you’ve seen the data, maybe you’ve the lived experience of exclusion.

You see the glinting gold in the shifting sands of your company culture.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Master Class and Certification will help you sift it out. Because that’s what diversity & inclusion is – gold waiting to be found.

We’ll teach you where to look.

What will you learn in our master class?

We’ve developed 7 modules that will help you learn to hack your company culture and turn it into something great. You’ll learn how to:

  • Get full buy-in from top management
  • Attract – and retain – diverse and creative talent
  • Reduce unconscious bias and promote psychological safety
  • Create gender balance at every level of the organization
  • Mobilize everyone to fight for inclusivity

“You can read all the books and hear many talks about D&I, but what I took away from this intensive training was the whole picture and a frame based on research and facts. It has given me the capabilities to move the [D&I] agenda forward.”

Susanne B., VP Global Talent and People Development, Sweden


How were the master classes designed?

We gathered business executives, entrepreneurs and consultants with strong academic backgrounds to design all the courses. We’ve made sure all the materials are based on robust research. We really don’t want to waste your time, so we’ve made them practical and impactful – you’ll learn by experience using exercises developed by internationally renowned scientists and actors.

The master class content is informed by statistical data infused with qualitative richness, so you can be pretty sure that it’s based in reality but doesn’t lose sight of what matters – the people.

And at the end of it, you’ll be a Certified D&I Champion. You’ll know exactly what to do to create inclusion, and when.
All that’s left will be to actually do it.

“It’s the most comprehensive and qualitatively demanding course I’ve seen so far on the topic of D&I! I wish I had visited your Masterclass two years ago when I started to work on this topic and designed the lectures for my business master students. I would definitely recommend the Masterclass to HR Managers and D&I managers working in multicultural companies, as well as to change agents and consultants facilitating D&I in their organisations!”

Aleksandra, D&I Expert, D&I Champion Feb. 2020


Our next Master Class Program starts in February 2023


Module #1: Feb 28th
What is Diversity Intelligence?

Module #2: Mar 7th
Using Data to Drive your D&I Journey

Module #3: Mar 14th
Unconscious Bias Training

Module #4: Mar 21st
Accelerating Gender Balance

Module #5: Mar 28th
Mobilizing Allies

Module #6: Apr 11th
Inclusive Leadership

Module #7: Apr 18th
Designing Your D&I Roadmap

May change based on participant needs*

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So, you’re a certified D&I Champion – what’s next? 

After you have completed the program you are invited to join the global network of certified D&I Champions.

Upcoming D&I Champion events

February 2023
May 2023
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“We do our best to make every module specific, based in reality, research and fun – we wanna make sure that you not only learn the best approach, but you know exactly how to apply it in your situation.”

– The Facilitators

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