Diversity Intelligence

We apply diversity intelligence. What is your super power?

Applied diversity intelligence is, simply put, everything that goes into creating a workplace culture that makes everyone – no matter their gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, age or level of experience – feel that they belong. This has huge advantages.
Diversity intelligence is modern-day alchemy, giving your company value and staying power.

For the nerds among you: “Diversity Intelligence means the way in which any human system is designed to attract, motivate, engage and retain people with diverse profiles who, through shared inclusion, can leverage their diversity to create better results.”

We’ve distilled our design process into four steps

1. Drive

Why is diversity necessary?

2. Knowledge

What is the culture like at your company?

3. Strategy

How do you change that culture?

4. Action

Who catalystes change, involving whom – and when is the right time?

Our Solutions

Great leaders are great listeners. They sense the social currents of the workplace and wider culture and respond. They know the value of even the quietest voices – voices that run against the grain, voices that others have stopped listening to. We’ll teach you how to be that kind of leader.

Unconscious bias throws a wrench into any plans to make diversity work. That means it’s the greatest enemy of belonging and psychological safety. Which means it’s the greatest enemy of innovation. Our workshops can help you see your unconscious bias and take control of it. That means better decision-making and a better workplace.

A map makes it way easier to find somewhere you’ve never been. That’s what our Perception Gap Analysis is – it’s our map of every pitfall and dead-end between you and a culture of inclusion.

Workplace cultures are systems – human systems, with all the complexity and fuzziness those entail. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be changed.

Allyship is about marshalling privilege to create harmony. Our workshops will help you understand how to be an Ally – and make diversity work for your team and company.

Culture change starts from the top down. That’s why it’s essential to get top management on board with any diversity initiative. We have practical tools to start that process. The best part? It involves LEGO®!

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is the difference between benefiting from cultural diversity and failing because of it. That’s why you need CQ when interacting with people from other cultures.

A culture of inclusion is built brick by brick by everyone at the workplace. LIVING INSTITUTE can deliver some insightful and entertaining keynote speeches to introduce key concepts and start getting everyone on board.

Clients & Cases

We’ve helped a lot of companies

There is a magic formula for growing your business. Add inclusion to diversity. We know it’s hard to get the proportions right. So let us help you – we’ve done it a lot.