Unconscious Bias is the biggest disabler of diversity, and number one enemy of innovation.
Take control of your own decisions by reducing unconscious bias in the workplace.

Join a workshop and get the tools to:

  • Make better decisions

  • Accelerate talent attraction and retention

  • Create a culture of inclusion

  • Enhance diversity and innovation

How can we reduce unconscious bias in the workplace?

If we become aware of our own unconscious bias and are introduced to new processes and tools to minimize the effect of them – we can reduce the negative effects of biases and enhance our decision-making processes substantially.

So what is unconscious bias?

Our brain automatically tells us that we are safe with people who look, think and act similar to us.
That was our survival trick on the savannah and still is useful most of the time today.
The brain uses short-cuts to navigate an incredible amount of information which leads us to make snap decisions about who we prefer and who we avoid.
These automatic preferences and prejudices are what we call ‘biases’. As such, unconscious bias is the #1 contributor to a homogenous work environment and sameness thinking, thus a disabler of diversity and an enemy of innovation.

Why is this important?

In era where different thinking and innovation power is key to secure bottom-line results, our unconscious preferences for people who are like us severely challenge our intentions to create diversified and inclusive work places.
Therefore, understanding our own unintended preferences, enables us to take full control of business decisions, harness the potential of diversity and create innovative teams.

Briefly about us:

At LIVING INSTITUTE offer impactful workshops, training, talks, seminars and consulting – tailored for you and based on our mantra:
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“I would recommend The LIVING INSTITUTE for the fact that they were very keen to build a strong relationship with us, from the design of the program until the delivery I considered it as a true co-creation.
Their personal style, honesty, agility and transparent way of working are definitely key strengths. You can trust them to make the learning impactful”

Bianca Bernecker
Group Compliance Officer, SBM Offshore

“If you have a brain you have biases. As a responsible company, believing in inclusive leadership, it is important to us that our managers are aware of when the the auto pilot takes over in decision-making processes.
LIVING INSTITUTE has helped Copenhagen Airport putting diversity and inclusion on the agenda”

Jesper Kiby Denborg
Communications, Copenhagen Airport


“LIVING INSTITUTE’s workshop on Unconscious Bias is an eye-opener in relation to a subject which is otherwise difficult to handle. The workshop is professionally executed and participants leave the workshop with a better understanding of themselves and their workplace“

Tove Degnbol
Danish Ambassador to Ghana