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A culture of inclusion is built brick by brick by everyone at the workplace. LIVING INSTITUTE can deliver some insightful and entertaining keynote speeches to introduce key concepts and start getting everyone on board.

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Keynote #1:

“DIVERSITY INTELLIGENCE – Sprinting along the path to inclusion and a better bottom line with the founder of Living Institute and author Heidi R. Andersen”

Increasing diversity is a good business decision for a whole bunch of reasons. It enables innovation, improves decision-making and creates much smarter solutions.

This talk will provide the spark that ignites the fire at your company – why you should hire people who are different from you (hint: it’s money in the bank).

This talk will make it clear that if diversity – in gender, age, culture, sexual orientation, disability etc. – doesn’t permeate your entire organization and isn’t one of the critical parameters of recruitment, then something needs to be urgently fixed.

Duration: 30 minutes to 1,5 hours

When we talk, we base what we talk about on our experience from facilitating more than 7,500 DEI sessions worldwide since 2004.

Keynote #2:

MITIGATE UNCONSCIOUS BIAS AND MASTER YOUR DECISION-MAKING Unconscious biases are automatic preferences, usually for things that are familiar to us. They’re bad for diversity and inclusion. That means they’re really bad for innovation.

Your brain is built for snap decisions. This helps with avoiding car accidents, but not with dealing with people who are different from you. These biases can lead to sameness thinking and hiring bubbles. Are your colleagues suspiciously close to being clones in an echo chamber? That’s probably because of unconscious bias.

This talk covers all you need to know about unconscious bias – what it is, how it hurts, and what to do about it.

Duration: 30 minutes to 1,5 hours

Call +45 35 26 26 26 and let’s talk about our engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking keynotes on inclusivity and celebrating differences in the workplace.

Keynote #3:


“The Standards you Walk Past are the Standards you Accept”

Allyship is super important for achieving DEI goals in an organization – it creates allies who advocate, promote and aspire to advance a culture of inclusion, person-by-person, through strong relationships and concrete actions based on trust. Allies make a conscious effort to improve things for everyone at the workplace.

In this talk, we’ll cover what allyship is, what it isn’t, and how it’ll help your company.

Duration: 30 minutes to 1,5 hours

Let’s talk about the 13 dos and 4 don’ts creating gender balance from top to bottom.

Spoiler alert: Female Networks is a don’t!

Keynote #4:


Compared to 20 years ago, we know A LOT more about why it’s good to have gender balance at every level of the organization – and how to achieve it.

This talk covers some of what we’ve learned over the last two decades, like what separates companies that have succeeded in gender balance from those that have failed, why women’s networks are fun to attend but doesn’t really move the needle, and how to go about mobilizing men. Like everything we do, we keep everything grounded in the science.

Duration: 30 minutes to 1,5 hours

“By making men a part of the gender balance conversation, you can send a powerful message and show that men are as much a part of the solution as women.”

Bobby Bovell, Chief Consultant and Keynote Speaker, Living Institute

Keynote #5:


An inclusive leader has 3 characteristics and is essential to creating a culture of inclusion.

What are the characteristics? Why are they essential? You’ll have to listen to the talk!

Sorry for the clickbait – in all seriousness, book a talk and you’ll get a ton of knowledge of what an inclusive leader is made of. For a taste, we’ll tell you that they’re great at improving psychological safety and cultivating a sense of belonging.

Duration: 30 minutes to 1,5 hours

“LIVING INSTITUTE has given us tools that make it just as natural to discuss lack of diversity as it is to discuss our financial bottom line.”

Frans Horth Hammer, Member of the Executive Board of Sports Confederation Denmark (DIF)

Other Solutions

When you know your unconscious biases, you’ll have way better control of all your business decisions

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias throws a wrench into any plans to make diversity work. That means it’s the greatest enemy of belonging and psychological safety. Which means it’s the greatest enemy of innovation. Our workshops can help you see your unconscious bias and take control of it. That means better decision-making and a better workplace.

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Diversity Intelligence: How to Create a Culture of Inclusion for your Business

Heidi R. Andersen, founder of Living Institute, has stuffed over 18 years worth of experience into a practical handbook on making inclusion an essential aspect of your company culture.
The book is on the recommended read list of 238 accredited business schools and universities – including Insead, Oxford University, London Business School, Said Business School etc.