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  1. Closing the gender gap in the music industry

    Read about the workshop aimed at finding new solutions to closing the gender gap in the music industry promoted by JazzDanmark and the Danish Composers´Society, facilitated…

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  2. Gender Equality Improves Your Bottom Line

    There are economic upsides when both genders are taking part in the decision making processes. However Denmark is at the bottom in terms of women in top…

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    “Danish Work Culture: Shepherding Cats” “Managing Danes is like herding cats!” laughs Heidi Rottbøll Andersen. Not her own words, but those of an American manager…

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  5. Aleksandra Darul-Hagemeister 

    Aleksandra Darul-Hagemeister,  Senior Consultant, MBA, University of Bath, UK. She holds master university degree in Organizational & Work Psychology from University of Wuppertal, Germany. Aleksandra is a…

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  6. Webinar: How to reduce Unconscious Bias

    Join us on Tuesday the 27th of October at 1:00pm (CEST) for a 2 hour webinar. Reduce unconscious bias and make better decisions Unconscious Bias…

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  8. Inclusion Survey


    Base your diversity & inclusion strategy on data – and pick the most impactful initiatives Who feels included and who don’t? The Inclusion Survey is…

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  10. Malte Warburg Sørensen

    Malte Warburg, Chief Consultant, Facilitator, MSc in Sociology, BA Pedagody Malte is an experienced facilitator with a strong focus on participant involvement. Drawing on his BA…

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