Webinar on Demand: How to create change and comply with EU Gender Balance Directive by June 2026

By June 30th, 2026 listed companies must be compliant with the EU’s Gender Balance Directive. That means that either 40% of the non-executive directors on the board or 33% of the overall leadership must be of the minority gender. Additionally, the directive demands a gender-neutral recruitment process and yearly reporting.

The directive was adopted in November of 2022 but still surprise most of the companies we talk to. Not achieving compliance by the end of June 2026 can result in penalties for your company.

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In less than 25 minutes, you will learn:

  • The outlines of the directive and compliance requirements. The objectives, who it affects, the demands to recruitment processes and reporting, and what we know about the potential sanctions.
  • How to create change in your organization fast without wasting time on ineffective initiatives.

Heidi R. Andersen – CEO and founder of Living Institute

Maria Sterndorff – Engagement Director at Living Institute