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  1. D&I CHAMPION, Master Class & Certification for HR Professionals

    JOIN US FOR A 4 1/2 DAYS CERTIFICATION PROGRAM IN COPENHAGEN A New Demand to HR: Create a Culture of Inclusion With increased global competition,…

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  2. Women in top management should advance by quotas, male networks and by breaking norms

    Even though the debate on having more women at the top has been going on for years – it still looks pretty bad. A new…

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  3. Base your diversity strategy on data

    Data is the solution to why so many diversity campaigns have failed. Most companies know their numbers but only few know what’s behind the numbers.…

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  4. Data is crucial when working with diversity

    Many companies are working on enhancing diversity and inclusion in their organization. Female networks, workshops, mentor programs have been some of the initiatives to enhance…

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  5. Laetitia Ramberti

    Laetitia Ramberti, Trainer and facilitator She created her first company in Italy in 1999 to promote young Italian producers and enable them to set up…

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  6. Reviving the Unique Culture of Chr. Hansen

  7. Louise Meta Hemmingsen

    Louise Meta Hemmingsen, Consultant, MA in Cross-cultural Studies, BA in Modern India and South Asian Studies. Louise specialises in business anthropology, gender diversity (certified gender…

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  8. A leader? That’s a guy in a suit

    When we close our eyes and imagine how a leader looks – we see a man. That is an unconscious bias and that is a…

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  9. 5 ways to break down silos

    Breaking down organisational silos is wishful thinking in companies with an ambition to make better business results through a collaborative and inclusive working culture.

  10. Remember your good manners: Polish your shoes and hold the door

    We think we are polite in Denmark – but on the other side of the borders they are not so sure