New publication: More Women in Consulting

The Association of Danish Management Consulting Firms just released the first part of 3 catalogues presenting means how to enhance gender diversity in ‘More Women in Consulting – Part 1’.

Living Institute contributes to the publication through CEO Heidi R. Andersen sharing her knowledge on strategies to create gender balance, like basing your efforts on data and Mobilizing Men.

The first catalogue calls for a unified industry effort towards gender diversity, offering actionable strategies tailored for consulting firms, shedding a light on the current state and future of gender diversity within the consulting industry, focusing on:

  1. Closing the wage gap
  2. Parental leave
  3. Leadership
  4. Culture audit and employer branding

Key Insights on Gender Balance

  • While the graduate level sees a balanced gender representation at 50/50, the disparity widens alarmingly at top leadership levels, with only 19% being women.
  • Positive strides in the consulting industry with 41% female representation, indicating significant progress towards gender balance.
  • A notable correlation between companies’ performance and gender diversity, stresses the urgency for inclusivity in all business levels.

Strategies for improving gender balance

  • Implementation of equitable pay structures and transparency in career progression to combat the wage gap and glass ceiling.
  • Enhanced parental leave policies encourage both parents’ involvement, thus facilitating a balanced professional landscape.
  • Leadership training, mitigation of unconscious bias, and diversity KPIs to create an inclusive culture, enabling all talents to thrive and contribute effectively.
  • Engaging men in gender diversity is crucial. Organizations that actively involve men in gender diversity efforts report that 96% show progress. In organizations where men are not involved, it is only 30%.