Case: The journey towards “Best-In-Class” strategy execution in Siemens Flow Instruments

Siemens Flow Instruments works with LIVING INSTITUTE to achieve critical revenue targets through strengthened cross-culture collaboration Siemens Flow Instruments in Sønderborg chooses LIVING INSTITUTE as their strategic partner in the change process that is launched to ensure stronger local anchoring of the overall business strategy and more consistency in operational decisions made in Sønderborg.
LIVING INSTITUTE delivers a strategy and leadership development program consisting of seven modules. In close collaboration with the Danish leadership team in Sønderborg, LIVING INSTITUTE crafts a local version of the overall strategy and coaches leaders in strategy execution to make sure important Danish revenue targets are reached.
The dysfunctional collaboration between the Danish leadership team and the executive leadership team in Germany means cultural intelligence plays a critical role in the program. The Danish leadership team acknowledges that collaboration challenges must be solved to increase strategic certainty and ensure revenue targets are reached.

”The strategic effort has led to a reduction in conflicts between functions across countries.
Projects are to a greater extend delivered on time and within budget. There is a sense of community, loyalty and alignment at all levels of leadership – we know which way we are going.”

Morten Kjær Hansen, General Manager & CEO, Siemens Flow Instruments