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Join us for a 4-days digital master-class program

A New Demand to HR:
Create a Culture of Inclusion

With increased global competition, how do companies attract and retain the greatest talents from a diverse workforce in the 21st century?

And when we have succeeded hiring the best how do we create a culture that makes them want to stay?
Because HR is normally in charge of attracting, recruiting and retaining employees within your organization, they are in a perfect position to implement D&I trainings, programs, and initiatives.
With so much power to impact change within an organization, HR plays a critical role in the organization’s success and sustainability.

The 4 Modules:

Module #1 – September 7th
The Best Practice and D&I Roadmap

Module #2 – September 15th
Eliminating the Barriers – create a culture of inclusion by reducing Unconscious Bias and other barriers to inclusivity

Module #3 – September 24th
Identifying impactful D&I solutions

Module #4 – October 7th
Building and Implementing Strategies for creating Cultures of Inclusion

The D&I Master Class meets the demands of HR professionals with a key role in introducing and implementing D&I programs in the organization.


In order to gain both knowledge and skills as well as the ability to initiate a fundamental cultural change in the organization, participants in the D&I Master Class attain the following skills:

• The ability to attract and retain key employees and new talents

• Practically applicable knowledge of ‘Diversity Intelligence’ and the ability to balance goals an ambitions with personal values

• An understanding of what Diversity Intelligence is and what it can do for the organization as a whole – as well as the ability and the tools for managing teams with a high degree of diversity

• Individually-organized strategies to ensure long-term, dedicated efforts in creating inclusive cultures in participants’ own teams and organizations

• Become familiar with cutting-edge methods in creating innovative solutions and results


It’s the most comprehensive and qualitatively most demanding course I’ve seen so far on the topic of D&I !
I wish, I had visited your Masterclass two years ago when I started to work on this topic and designed the lectures for my business master students

I would definitely recommend the Masterclass to HR Managers and D&I Managers working in multicultural companies, as well as to change agents and consultants facilitating D&I in their organizations!

Aleksandra, D&I Expert, Germany

It was a great experience for me, I really enjoyed every module, and I’m back now with a lot of practical knowledge to implement in Chile”

Marilen, HR consultant, Chile

“Very clear, overall and also hands-on tools to drive the D&I agenda, especially with the *wheel and also the flexibility which is needed to jump between the 4 quarters from time to time

Nadine, Global Business Partner, Denmark

* The 4 step wheel of D&I Transformation

Prior to the training you will receive preparatory material including an unconscious bias test and relevant cases and studies.
Concept of training:
Facilitated webinars with a high degree of participant involvement.
Practical exercises and reality testing between modules is part of the learning process.
The elements of this program are a mix of deep dive into knowledge, latest science, best practices, real life cases and practical exercises.