Podcast | Ali’s homeland – more Alis in the media industry, Tom Jensen?

“Representation is overrated. Compassionate understanding is underestimated.”  These were the words in a tweet from Berlingske’s editor-in-chief Tom Jensen last week. This sparked a discussion on Radio24syv in which Heidi R. Andersen, CEO and founding partner of Living Institute participated, about whether representation – or rather diversity – is being overestimated.

Listen in on this insightful podcast from September 7, 2022, with Radio24syv host Ali Aminali and guests Tom Jensen, editor-in-chief at Berlingske, Heidi R Andersen, CEO and founding partner of Living Institute, and Ayan Mouhoumed, former editor-in-chief of Ethniqa Magazine and caster.

Radio24syv, September 7th 2022