Veronica Dybdal

Veronica Dybdal, Senior Consultant, MA in Learning and Innovative Change.
Veronica is specialized in gender-diversity in top management and organizational culture practices.
She started her career in the financial sector as an advisor – thus she holds substantial long-held experience from working inside large scale corporations. Knowing that she wanted to release the full of her potential and acquired skills-set she entered the academic world and has evolved into a full-blown analytical consultant while preserving the structured bone from her past – the best of both worlds. She has studied cultural practices in places as nursing homes, megachurch, and NGOs in Northern Zambia in addition to large multinationals and C20 companies in Denmark. 
Top-management, leadership, organizational changes, diversity & inclusion, gender balance and learning practices is her passion.     
She has comprehensive insights into the financial world, due to her past, her academic studies and due to her work with mapping the barrieres and opportunities for women to reach top management within the finance sector. An assignment conducted by LIVING INSTITUTE  sponsored by Finansforbundet and The Danish Employer’s Association for the Financial Sector.  
Veronicas experiences, courage, situational awareness and emphatic ways to engage with people enables her to constantly find the core to drive transformational changes.
For more information contact:  
+45 35262626