Ransom Lekunze


Ransom Lekunze, Senior Consultant, PhD. in Development Economy from Lund University, Sweden. He is passionate about diversity and inclusion and advocates racial equality. He represents the Black Race on a mission to inspire organizations to ensure equal representation, inclusion, respect, and consideration for people of African descent and does so through evidence-based knowledge sharing, training, and standing up for it.

Ransom was born and raised in Cameroun. His African background and his over two decades of study and work in Sweden and Denmark enables him to perceive and appreciate the value of diversity from his personal experiences. As a seasoned educator, trainer, and facilitator on the topics of race, leadership, equality, sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship, Ransom skillfully weaves together his personal stories to inspire organizations to see the benefit of embracing diversity and inclusion in their core businesses.

Ransom was the first to take up a conversation on a sensitive topic like Black Lives Matter as an associate professor at University College Copenhagen. This conversation garnered a very positive response among the students on the programme, paving the way for a culture of sensitive discussions.

Because Ransom strongly believes in the competitive advantage that diverse employees bring when they can live up to their full potential, he further advocates companies to harness allyship, where management and staff commit to change even if they are not personally affected by unconscious bias practices.

Ransom has successfully facilitated many workshops for companies in Denmark and Sweden that seek to operate in African markets, allowing these companies to understand effective approaches of dealing with cultural aspects of doing business on the continent.

Ransom is fluent in English and French.