Peter Bjelskou


Peter Bjelskou, Chief Consultant, Keynote Speaker and PhD in American and Transnational Studies from the State University of New York in Buffalo.

Peter has lived and worked in the United States for many years and worked in both the public and private sector. Along the way, he learned how to function socially and perform effectively in American workplaces. He uses his accumulated practical experience in combination with his theoretical foundation to help companies and organizations to enhance their cross-cultural collaboration and diversity strategy.

With a background in academic research and teaching at Fordham University, Brooklyn College, Copenhagen University and other Danish and North American universities, Peter has presented his research at several international conferences, his work has appeared in books, journal articles, and mass media.

American studies and transnational studies examine the relevance of cultural categorizations to everyday life and the international flow of people and their cultural baggage. Just as restrictive notions of gender or other cultural categorizations keep cultures from moving forward, they keep companies and organizations from innovating and collaborating their way to healthy work environments and ultimately to increased revenue.

Peter specializes in training sessions and workshops on inclusive leadership, gender issues, cross-cultural collaboration, and culture-specific training in American and Danish national cultures.

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+45 60 27 20 35

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