Nivedita Ramulu Eskesen


Nivedita Ramulu Eskesen, Cross Cultural Consultant, MA in Culture, Communication and Globalisation.

Nivedita is originally from Bangalore, India, and has spent most of her life in the UK. She has been living in Denmark since 2003, and since then has also lived in Italy and the US.
Nivedita has international teaching experience in countries such as Belarus, Egypt, Greece and Poland, to name a few.

As a consultant she has conducted cultural intelligence courses, as well as more targeted courses for expatriates in Denmark, such as Danish Business Culture courses and Danish Culture courses. With her interest and skills in qualitative research and cultural awareness, Nivedita has conducted studies concerning the experience of foreigners in Denmark, the most recent being a study for the Consortium of Global Talent.
Nivedita conducts workshops for expats living and working in Denmark as well as other cross-culture assignments.

For more information contact:  
+45 35262626