Morten Nielsen


Morten Nielsen, Senior Consultant. Actor, National Theatre School of Denmark 1992.
Morten holds 25 years of working on small and large theatres all over Denmark.
He lived in Prague for a year in 1993, and has been touring all over the world with several theatre productions. Among them Hamlet, which he performed for 10 years, latest in Sydney Opera House, Australia.
Since 2011; leader of the diversity project Through Different Eyes.
An anti-racist celebration of diversity using tools and methods from the theatre world, in a variety of different contexts: The Private Business Sector, The Danish Education System, Trade Unions, and a large number of different Cultural Events.
In 2008 Morten was co-creator of the Reumert winning performance Hostage where he played the role of the Danish / Pakistani man Samir. His experiences from this performance gave him insights in matters of minority/majority, discrimination, inclusion, and integration. These experiences became the main inspiration for Through Different Eyes.

Morten also works as a researcher and artistic collaborator. He is an experienced teacher, lecturer and workshop leader.
In addition Morten has conducted workshops and talks in companies and organizations like Arriva, 3F, LO, AOF, The Danish Ministry of Education, The Municipal System in Copenhagen, Tåstrup, Hvidovre, Skive, Viborg and Helsingør. Countries of work include: Sweden, Germany, England, Holland, Brazil, Greenland and Hong Kong.

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