Mette Bærbach Bas


Mette Bærbach Bas, Author, Translator and Cross Cultural Consultant, MA in History of Ideas and Russian language and culture.

Since her upbringing in Northern Jutland, Denmark, Mette has lived in 6 different countries and speaks 6 different languages. She specializes in Russian and Eastern European business culture as well as Turkish culture.

Mette is married into a Turkish family, so she has often dealt with cross-cultural dilemmas in her own living room. She is the author of the book Kulturspejlet – nøglen til global succes (The cultural mirror – the key to global success) on how Danes encounter foreigners and how they can improve their cross-cultural skills in everyday life.

As a workshop leader, Mette creates an ambience of trust and intimacy with the space and time for the participants to open up and transform permanent beliefs into culturally informed knowledge.

Mette conducts workshops for Danish companies working in Eastern Europe and Russia as well as other cross-culture assignments.

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+45 35262626