Malte Warburg Sørensen


Malte Warburg, Chief Consultant, Facilitator, MSc in Sociology, BA Pedagody
Malte is an experienced facilitator with a strong focus on participant involvement. Drawing on his BA in Pedagogy and more than 10 years as a learning expert, Malte makes use of blended learning both when facilitating virtual webinars and face-to-face workshops. Malte’s passion is helping leaders and employees kick-start or expand their journey towards enhanced diversity.

He adds a sociological perspective and by asking the right questions he has helped leaders design relevant diversity strategies. Malte has an ability to listen deeply in order to understand the unique challenges of each company or institution. By combining analysis, participatory methods and humor Malte has successfully helped leaders and employees build stronger relationships, thus unleashing talent and motivation.

He has a special interest in understanding social power relations and is a keynote speaker on the topic of micro-aggression. As an experienced facilitator he has helped organisations discuss sensitive issues in an honest yet safe learning environment.

Malte has worked with various companies, municipalities, civic associations and NGOs, including the Red Cross and ActionAid International. He is an experienced webinar host and online collaborator.

Malte studied “Leadership, Organizing and Action” with professor Marshall Ganz at the Harvard Kennedy School.

A frequent media contributor and author, he has also been an external lecturer at Copenhagen University and University of Delhi.

He has lived and worked a variety of countries, including Spain, India, Uganda, El Salvador and Brazil.

Fluent in Spanish, English and Danish.

For more information contact:  
+45 35262626