Mahmoud Salim Jamousse


Mahmoud Salim Jamousse, Chief Consultant & Keynote Speaker, Master of Arts (MA) in Culture and Communication, Ba.Ling.Merc. in International Business Communication & English.

Mahmoud’s passion for cross-cultural understanding and bridging has led him to India, Lebanon and South Korea, where he got to enhance his cultural awareness and intercultural sensitivity in order to grasp the foundations of creating and maintaining relations across cultural and lingual differences.

As Chief Consultant Mahmoud makes use of his practical experiences as Keynote Speaker and as Project Manager having worked with politically affected departments and refugees. Throughout his working career he successfully managed to promote different cultural issues and bridge between professionals, citizens and the youth and facilitate solutions that would benefit all parties involved.  He furthermore works hard on promoting the strengths and values multicultural kids add to the Danish society and business.

Since Mahmoud was born in Lebanon and is raised in Denmark, he has always been interested in understanding the developmental processes and challenges multicultural kids undergo growing up. This led him to do a research on the effects it has on the individuals’ identity construction for his masters’ dissertation.

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