Linda Jakobsen


Linda Jakobsen, Senior Consultant, MA in Political Science from the Universities of Aarhus, Denmark and Limerick, Ireland. Here, Linda specialised in international relations and how to build social capital in societies where groups are divided by culture, religion or nationality.

For 15 years, Linda has worked with the internationalisation of Danish business both as a private consultant, at the Danish Chamber of Commerce as well as the Trade Council of Denmark as part of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
She has assisted companies of all sizes, sectors and levels of international experience. In 2011, she co-founded the private network ’Global Minds’ consisting of professionals with global mind-sets and interests.
Some core areas of work in her career are networking, CSR and culture as key to the success of Danish enterprises abroad.

Having worked many years as a government representative for Danish business, Linda is an expert in cooperating with foreign governments and in bringing together business and governments with diverse (business) cultures.

Linda has lived in Ireland, England and Greece and has been stationed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand and Taiwan.
Today, she is working with Taiwanese and Danish companies within retail, design and sustainability and as a consultant on business, culture and networking in Asia.
Linda is an experienced facilitator of business networks, workshops and presentations for Danish enterprises working with foreign markets.

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