Jens Waltorp


Jens Waltorp is a passionate speaker, facilitator, trainer and fieldworker. He is eager to promote ways of increasing shared understanding in groups and training ways of seeing, promoting and utilizing diversity.

He combines his three diverse fields of expertise; anthropology, professional sport and leadership development to cultivate the development of skills through training.

Jens has taught anthropological methods and done supervision at the University of Copenhagen and worked extensively with training teams and leaders in both public and private sector. He has worked with international companies such as Novo Nordisk, NNE Pharmaplan, TDC, Rosendahl and Nordea.

Jens has done anthropological fieldwork in Denmark, Norway, Ukraine, Poland and Mauritius in the fields of migration, national building, belonging, ethnicity, diversity, migration, education and gender.  He uses his in-depth ethnography and anthropological knowledge to help leaders understand and get close to the perspective of the user, client, customer and employee.

As a former professional football player Jens knows how diversity combined with inclusion can lead to great results once a shared understanding has been made and everybody strives towards a common goal.

For more information contact:  
+45 35262626