Jana Tikalová


Jana Tikalová, Chief Consultant and Keynote Speaker.
Jana has studied social and cultural anthropology and graduated from the University of Durham in the UK.
In her early 20th she has founded a non-profit organisation on human rights education, diversity and inclusion. She is a CEO of OPIM and responsible for a powerful program for mitigating biases and prejudices called Living Library: don’t judge a book by its cover.
Her passion for diversity and inclusion deepened when she has, at her age of 23, started to work for the Council of Europe as an international trainer.
Over the last 17 years Jana has (co)organised and (co)developed numerous national and international trainings with very diverse teams and for very diverse audience.

Jana is based in Prague, advising companies in building long term sustainable strategies to bring diversity and inclusion into force and as part of the company culture.
She develops and execute trainings for inclusive leadership, unconscious bias and women in leadership for different industries.

She is certified coach, conducted a 1,5-year coaching training by CVUT Prague.
In addition Jana is a member of mentoring platforms supporting women such as British Chamber of Commerce, Femme Palette or Odyssey (launched by Vodafone).
Most of her career she is self-employed. She was working for LaGardere Aelia in the airport having a senior position as HR and Training Manager and for SKODA Auto as a Master Trainer for key markets.

Jana is a speaker and contributor on diversity and inclusion at national and international conferences, forums and writer for business magazines and newsletters.

Organisations: Kiwi.com, Asahi – Pilsner Urquel, ING, EON, Vodafone, Veem, Ceska sporitelna, Council of Europe, European Commission, Bodycote, Productboard, Ayudh Europe, ACO Industries, SKODA Auto, Aelia Czech Rep., Medireco

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