Heather Wallerson Krog


Heather Wallerson Krog, MSc International Marketing & Management. Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and Facilitator
Heather Krog has been engaged in work within education abroad for fifteen years. She has specialized in meeting newcomers to Denmark in the fields of education and business. For seven years, she served as a Cultural Mentor and Inclusion Facilitator for the Diverse Identities Social Club at DIS- Study Abroad in Scandinavia. Here, she guided students through the study abroad journey equipping them with a fuller understanding and an articulable narrative of the experience. As an educator, she has engaged students at DIS, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen Business Academy, and The Council of International Education Exchange (CIEE).

Heather completed her undergraduate studies at Georgetown University, where she earned a BSBA in Marketing and International Business. Inspired by her study abroad semester in Copenhagen, she returned to her home campus and wrote an independent project titled “Why Do So Few Black Students Study Abroad.”

After graduating in 2004, Heather relocated to Copenhagen for an internship in DIS. Following this experience, she enrolled in the Copenhagen Business School’s International Marketing & Management program. Her capstone project was a master’s thesis titled, “Assessing Expatriate Family Management in Denmark: An Analysis of Schneider Electric Denmark’s Expatriate Family Management Policy Implementation.”

Heather is a Guyanese-American who was born and raised in New York City and is now living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mindful of her own integration experience, she enjoys helping people who are new to Copenhagen thrive in the Danish society.

Heather is fluent in English and Danish