Dorte Krogh


Dorte Krogh, Senior Consultant, Culture Transformation Strategist, senior advisor and board member.
She’s often described as Swiss-knife and bridge builder, as she contributes where the future of business development meets organizational- and leadership. Her focus is within helping leaders and employees to create a culture, based on values and a diverse mindset, that goes hand in hand with structure, goal and meaning.

Dorte has a strategic and commercial mindset founded in a visionary and creative approach, and she’s experienced in transforming strategy to action by engaging people. She’s process and result orientated.
During four years, she has been running an empiric research program called the CULTURE-nomad. By having informal talks with about 200 owners, leaders, and employees on the effect culture and teamwork has for value-creation.
She has used her entrepreneurial drive to take several initiatives. Among them she’s the initiator of the Danish business association for design companies. She initiated and was Co-writer on a Harvard Business Case about culture driven organizations.

During her carrier, she has been working with a wide range of Scandinavian companies, as: Mærsk, NRK, Carlsberg, and DesignMuseum Danmark, Royal Copenhagen, Royal Greenland, PenSam, Hjerteforeningen, Danisco, Convatec / Unomedical, Plantui, LEO Pharma, DSV, Frederiksberg Kommune, GASA Nordgrønt, Samsø Akademi, Skousen, Personalhuset and Meyers Madhus.

Over the years Dorte has shared her experience and knowledge in different boards and jurys, i.e. Bestyrelseskvinder East of Denmark, KnowledgeCenter of “God Arbejdslyst”, O’Sullivan Consulting, BarbroShoe, Norsk Designråd, Woulda and DesignDenmark. She’s a mentor at Scion DTU, where she’s been mentor for more than 10 companies, some of them finalists in Danish Tech Challenge (SolarSack, PeeFence, LaPee).