Anders Vedel Jakobsen


Anders Vedel Jakobsen, Office Manager, Msc. in Sociology.

Anders’ main responsibilities are managing customer relations, arranging workshops and executing Living Institute’s research related tasks. Anders is responsible for the process of designing surveys, qualitative as well as quantitative, collecting and analysing data and finally converting findings into valuable insights.

Through 6 years in market research companies, Epinion and Wilke, Anders is experienced in creating business value through data-driven findings. Anders has collaborated with companies such as DSB, Carlsberg, Arla and Danish Ministry of Education during his periods at Epinion and Wilke.

During his study in Sociology, Anders did fieldwork projects centered on cultural practices, cultural conflicts, values and norms in culturally diverse environments. Furthermore Anders conducted a fieldwork project on organizational culture in a Danish production company.

Contact Anders here:

+45 31164215