Anders Riel Müller


Anders Riel Müller,

Cross-cultural Trainer, PhD in international development studies with a focus on South Korean development history, politics and culture, Research Associate at Nordic Institute of Asian Studies and International Consultant at University College Copenhagen.

His current work focuses on the internationalization of higher education paying particular attention to how internationalization can enhance students’ abilities to navigate a future career characterized by hyper-diversity. He is also member of the Expert Community for Access and Diversity at the European Association for International Education.

Anders has lived and worked in Silicon Valley, Canada, South Korea and Denmark and conducted field research in Mexico and Cambodia. He has facilitated business transactions on behalf of a number of Danish companies in South Korea and conducted extensive field research on South Korean politics, economics and businessculture.

His professional experience includes business developer for a renewable energy technology start-up with activities in the U.S. and South Korea and co-founder of two non-profit organisations working on climate change policy and renewable energy development. He has also been an adviser to University of California Santa Cruz’s Centre for Sustainable Energy and Power Systems, The UC Santa Cruz Advanced Studies Laboratory at NASA Ames, and a sustainable development consultant to regional development agencies, international institutions, and renewable energy startups in the US, Europe and Asia.  He has been a visiting scholar at the University of Manchester, Yonsei University in Seoul, and Concordia University in Montreal. He holds an MSc in Sociology from Roskilde University.

Anders designs and facilitates workshops on South Korean business culture in LIVING INSTITUTE.

For more information contact:
+45 35262626