Alexander Stephanou


Alexander Stephanou, Associate Partner Strategic Partnerships, MSc in Psychology.
Alexander is commercially responsible for strategic clients, managing transformational consulting projects and building partnerships to further increase the impact of our solutions on client growth.
Together with the rest of the core team, his vision is to make LIVING INSTITUTE the world’s most recognized and profitable provider of subscription and consulting services for applied diversity intelligence.
Alexander represents a rare combination of thought leader and commercial strategist.

Alexander’s extensive experience in academia and industry, as a client and an external consultant, has made him a thought leader in the fields of leadership development, talent management, organizational culture and employee engagement.
He is the author of several academic and industry papers and frequently speaks at recognized industry events: HR People + Strategy’s Annual Conference in Miami, Florida, Bersin by Deloitte’s Annual Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, AHRMA’s Annual Conference in Austin, Texas and HR People + Strategy’s Strategic HR Forum in San Francisco, California are among the events Alexander contributed to in 2017. 

Prior to joining LIVING INSTITUTE in Copenhagen, Denmark, Alexander lived in Houston, Texas where he led a regional center of excellence for Questback, Inc., a global enterprise feedback management solutions provider. In this role, Alexander was responsible for consulting projects with global enterprise clients in industries such as financial services and insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and aviation as well as strategic partnerships with research and advisory firms and executive networks such as Bersin by Deloitte and HR People + Strategy. 

Alexander was born and raised in Denmark by Greek-Cypriot parents, is fluent in Danish, English, Greek and Spanish, has physically worked in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States of America and successfully led client engagements across all continents of the world.
He lives and breathes diversity and is a strong advocate for leveraging differences between people to meet and exceed business goals, outperform competitors and deliver more value to shareholders.

Contact Alexander here:
+45 35 26 26 26