Who We Are

Susanne Funder

Susanne Funder is a Senior Consultant, Executive Coach, Facilitator and trainer. She has a master’s degree in Business Administration and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.

Susanne has held top management positions in Professional Services and Insurance – the last 10 years as a CHRO with a primary focus on DEI, leadership development and talent development. She has also worked 3 years in San Francisco with multicultural teams which ignited her passion for DEI.

Her personal and professional experiences have given her a deep understanding of the connection between DEI and business results – and what challenges that entails. She has worked with all aspects of DEI internally in organizations and is now combining her understanding of business and DEI with her extensive experience as a Trainer and Facilitator to create impact through workshops, trainings and consulting.

Susanne is passionate about creating inclusive cultures and helping leaders get the career and life they want with a strong focus on helping female leaders move up and impact the world. Whether in training, facilitation, coaching or consulting, her focus is to realize the potential of the individuals and the Company. All her workshops and trainings are tailormade to meet the specific business goals of the Company.

Susanne is a Danish national living in Copenhagen and is fluent in Danish and English.