Who We Are

Sinué Salgado

Sinué Salgado is a Senior Consultant and Keynote Speaker at LIVING INSTITUTE. He has a PhD in Psychology, MA in Cognitive Science and a BA in Publicity and Marketing.

Sinué is our expert on data collection and perception gap analysis. His professional history lies at the intersection of business and psychology, making him well adapted to both the business and academic worlds. He’s interested in understanding how culture, emotional reactions and memories affect people’s decisions. At LIVING INSITUTE, his passion lies in helping leaders and employees discover how unconscious biases affect their everyday and business decisions, both for good and for ill.

Sinué has worked as a facilitator for NGOs in México. Later, through his work in the advertising sector with Disney’s Magic English World, he gained deep practical insight into decision models used in businesses.

In facilitating workshops at LIVING INSTITUTE, Sinué draws on his experience in marketing and research, using blended learning to ensure that the learning process is exciting, engaging and personally relevant. Sinué is also a researcher and lecturer at Aarhus University, where he lectures about cognitive models of perception and their influence on decision making. He is an engaging speaker and thrives as a facilitator.

Born and raised in México, and based in Denmark since 2010, Sinué has lived and worked in numerous different countries. He is fluent in Spanish, English and Danish.