Who We Are

Sascha Amarasinha

Sascha Amarasinha is a Senior Consultant, Strategic Communications Advisor, Facilitator and Story Coach.

Sascha has held top management positions at corporations in the fields of international media, consulting and retail operations. Her personal and professional experiences have given her a profound understanding of the dynamics, challenges and potentials of a diverse and inclusive organisational culture.

Sascha is particularly interested in personal and organisational storytelling as well as the empowering potential and collective wisdom of personal stories. Her storytelling workshops and coaching sessions, Fortællerkraft© (The Power of Your Story), helps individuals, organizations and NGOs alike.

Holding a degree in journalism and communications (DMJX) and certifications in coaching (ICC) and Communication© and Council Guidance (CGT), Sascha has designed and facilitated training programs for specialists and leaders in a wide range of organisations. For example, she conducts two annual extensive training programs for management consultants and senior advisors focusing on mastering communication skills, the psychology of advising and strategic anchoring.

She has published books and articles on leadership storytelling, gender-balanced organisations, climate communication and sustainability, all of which contribute to the creation of diverse and inclusive work cultures.

Sascha is of Danish and Sri Lankan heritage. She was born and lives in Denmark, but has lived and worked in Switzerland and Belgium. Her work has taken her to the US and across Europe.

Sascha speaks and trains in Danish, English and French.