Who We Are

Gifford Rhamie

Gifford Rhamie is a Senior Consultant with a PhD in Diversity and Inclusion, based in the UK. Gifford consults on Inclusive Leadership based around the 5 Ps – Principles, Policies, Practices, Programs and People.

Gifford was born and raised in London where he has worked as university senior lecturer for the past 25 years. He has a PhD in diversity, equity and inclusion, which focused on uncovering Afroasiatic history and broadening a disciplinary appeal in the academic curriculum and in teaching practices. Gifford leverages his academic expertise to provide companies with tools to drive value through diversity in everyday workplace situations.

He has successfully led and facilitated transformation consultations in inclusive and belonging practices for the British Government’s Ministry of Justice and the National Health Service.

Gifford is a well-rounded public speaker and known for sharing inspirational stories. He has spoken in over 15 countries on DEIB, motivating and mobilizing leaders to take the stories of their diverse communities from the margins to the center of company culture.

Gifford has designed and facilitated sector-specific leadership workshops. In this capacity, Gifford has facilitated solutions for College of Policing (UK), Brunel University London, The Queens foundation, Deloitte, HM prison and probation service, Canterbury Christchurch University and IC 24 Integrated Care.