“Danish Work Culture: Shepherding Cats”

“Managing Danes is like herding cats!” laughs Heidi Rottbøll Andersen. Not her own words, but those of an American manager who, baffled at the attitude of the Danes he was supposed to manage, asked her for help. The Danish working culture code can be hard to crack

In 2004, Heidi Rottbøll Andersen founded The Living Institute, a consulting and training company aimed at helping companies in Denmark with practical ways of tackling cultural differences in the work place.

Diversity is the key word: an open eye and a practical mind, the company is mostly engaged with expats coming to work in Denmark, and to a lesser degree, also involved with Danes returning home. Apart from the consulting business, The Living Institute offers crash courses to freshly arrived foreigners and their partners. “So you can share you Danish experiences with each other,” says Heidi. The Living Institute has developed the much-acclaimed presentation: Why are Danes so Weird?

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Heid Rottbøll Andersen

Danish Chamber of Commerce Magazine, June 3rd 2015:

“Converting culture to cash”

What to do if your diverse team of highly specialized employees with different nationalities lack intercultural competencies?

The solution is cultural intelligence according to Heidi Rottbølll Andersen, Chief consultant and founder of LIVING INSTITUTE. For 11 years she and her team has infused cultural intelligence into more than 250 companies world wide.

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Business Traveller, March 2015: 

“The Importance of ‘Diversity”

Both gender and cultural intelligence are absolutely key for a successful company.
In this interview for Business Traveller, LIVING INSTITUTE’s founder Heidi Rottbøll Andersen digs into interesting facts and examples, highlighting the importance of these issues.

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Reduceret TV2 Lorry

TV2 Lorry:

How could Cultural Intelligence have helped LEGO’s CEO and Lars von Trier?

Danes often come across as a bit insensitive if you ask Non Danes – but does it matter?

Watch the interview with Heidi Rottbøll Andersen, LIVING INSTITUTE’s founder who talks about what Non-Danes see when they interact with Danes.
TV2 Lorry March 30th 2015 (in Danish) 9 min>>

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Denmark’s Radio ‘P1 Eftermiddag’:

Danes are impolite … according to Non-Danes.

Blind spots: Are Danes impolite or is it just tribal tendencies playing out?
Is it true that Danes do not suffer from fear of getting laughed at (gelotophobia) which can bring them into odd situations and sometimes even jeopardizing their global activities.

Listen to Denmark’s Radio P1 Eftermiddag where Heidi Rottbøll Andersen, LIVING INSTITUTE’s founder talks about what Non-Danes see when they interact with Danes.
Denmarks Radio P1 Eftermiddag, February 2015 (in Danish) 10 min. >>

Heidi Rottbøll Andersen_DJØF

“Diversity can make you rich”

“Make sure you have the right mix of different people in your organization; gender, cultural background, age etc. And above all – make sure you have an inclusive culture.”
Interview with Heidi Rottbøll Andersen, Founding Partner, LIVING INSTITUTE
Read the article in DJØF-bladet #13 August 29th 2014 ‘Der er mammon i mangfoldighed’ here (in Danish) >>