PREVENTING MICRO-AGGRESSIONS & OFFENSIVE BEHAVIOURS – and build safe & inclusive working cultures

In the wake of movements such as #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter, companies are increasingly struggling to ensure truly inclusive workplaces where all employees feel welcome and safe.
The lines between what is acceptable to say and laugh at seem like they have become blurred – or have they?


This programme is aimed at giving inclusive leaders the answers they are looking for:

•       What does inclusive leadership mean in the 21st century?

•       What are micro-aggressions and everyday-X-isms?

•       When is something offensive?

•       How do our unconscious biases and privileges affect our understanding of what is “offensive”?

•       How can inclusive leaders create safe inclusive working cultures?

•       How do you prevent micro-aggressions and offensive behaviours?

•       How do you approach difficult discussions with all parties?

Knowing the answers to these questions will enable you to create a safe, sustainable inclusive working culture that meets the demands of the 21st century.



If your organisation’s leaders participate in our programme on Preventing Micro-Aggressions and Offensive Behaviours, they will be able to:

•       Create a safe and inclusive workplace where all your diverse and brilliant talents thrive

•       Understand their role as leader in preventing micro-aggressions and offensive behaviours

•       Send a clear signal that micro-aggressions and offensive behaviour will not be accepted

•       Tackle micro-aggressions and offensive behaviour in an inclusive manner


LIVING INSTITUTE has over the years designed and conducted Inclusive Leadership Training Programs for clients in the private and public sector (incl., banking, engineering, construction, public administration, public education) around the world.