Our Task Force’s itinerary:

LIVING INSTITUTE’S global task force travel the world enhancing inclusivity and diversity intelligence. Through training and counseling we enhance inclusive leadership, cross-cultural collaboration, gender balance and synchronization in teams with a high degree of diversity:

Location: Berlin, Germany

Date: June 17th 2019

Task: Full day workshop on driving excellence and performance through increased (gender) diversity and inclusion & Synchronization and building internal capabilities

The purpose of the one day workshop is to enhance a sustainable culture of inclusion to enable the client to attract, retain and unleash the potential of a talented and highly diverse workforce – allowing everyone to contribute to innovation and excellence

About the client:
The client was founded in 2011 in Berlin to accommodate a growing need for a single global professional chauffeur service for frequent travellers. Today the company has satellites in Singapore, Dubai, and Brisbane.

Location: Ratingen, Germany

Date: July 2nd 2019

Task: Create awareness of unconscious bias as a barrier to reduce stereotypical thinking, discrimination, prejudices

The purpose of the engaging 30-minute session is to raise awareness on unconscious bias in the entire company in order to reduce  stereotypical thinking, discrimination and prejudices.

About the client:
The client is strongly committed, as a strong global fashion brand, to be a great place to work for everyone regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation etc.

Location: Riga, Latvia

Date: June 14th 2019

Task: Enhance diversity and create a culture of inclusion by reducing unconscious bias

The purpose of the one day workshop is to raise awareness on unconscious bias and how to create a culture of inclusion in the company. The aim of the workshop is to consolidate the organisaton’s image as a great place to work for everyone regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation etc.

Aobout the client:
The client conducts scientific activity in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology, biology and other natural sciences in accordance to State defined politics of development of science and technology.

Location: Gland, Switzerland

Date: April 9th 2019

Task: Cracking the code to French culture – a workshop on cultural intelligence

The client, an international organisation with a need for cultural intelligence training, needed a bruch up on Cultural Intelligence competencies. The aim of the training was primarily to improve interaction and communication skills with the client’s French counterpart.
The topics of the workshop was:
– Negotioating, interacting and communication in a French context
– Identifying similarities and potential clashes and pitfalls
– Cultural Bridging strategies – and a few dos and dont’s
– Presentation of applicable tools for interacting efficiently with French suppliers, partners and stakeholders

Target Group: A team of 14 project managers arranging a summit for their members in France in August 2019

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Date: February 15th 2019

Task: ‘Reduce Unscious Bias – and make more business!’
Two half day workshops on how to mitigate unconscious bias – one for managers and one for staff members for one of the largest cosmetic manufacturers in the world.

About the client:
The client is multinational company based in France established in 1909 and now the world’s largest manufacturer of cosmetics.

Location: Hong Kong

Date: October 18th – 26th 2017

Task: Visiting Crossroads Foundation – connecting people in the world of need.  Crossroads Foundation offers simulation x-periences in which participants step, briefly, ‘into the shoes’ of people facing global challenges: war, poverty, HIV vulnerability, blindness, environmental challenges, hunger, etc. LIVING INSTITUTE is constantly looking for impactful initiatives world wide supporting bold CSR strategies. The founder of LIVING INSTITUTE is ‘taking our own medicine’ by joining one of Crossroads Global X-perience programs.

Location: Nice, France

Date: September 6th – 9th 2017

Task: Diversity Intelligence Strategy from A to Z
Analyse, identify and document a sustainable diversity intelligence strategy in a medium sized consultancy – and prepare for implementation.

Target Group: Entire organisation

Location: Bankok and Chiang Mai, Thailand

Date: August 14th – 18th 2017

Task: Cross-cultural training & Personal Cultural Intelligence Assessments in Thailand
A global jewellery manufacturer invited Cultural Intelligence Specialist, Katinka Hyllested, to Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand in order to support the client’s executive team in their cross-cultural collaboration and cultural intelligence strategies.

Target Group: The cross-cultural executive team

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Date: June 19th – 23rd 2017

Task: Cultural Awareness Romania/Denmark.
A series of 4 workshops on bridging cultural differences between Danish and Romanian working culture, promoting cross-border collaboration and accelerating productivity.

Target Group: Romanian business professionals working with Danish stakeholders

Location: Milan, Italy

Date: June 19th – 21st 2017

Task: Corporate Social Responsibility at the Next MBA. Two chief consultants from LIVING INSTITUTE facilitates a two days LEGO® Serious Play® session at an ambitious corporate MBA program in Milan.

Target Group: Business professionals – MBA students.

Location: Sedona, AZ, USA

Date: April 10th – 11th 2017

Deep dive into the concept of Gender Intelligence creating gender-intelligent organizational and team cultures that understand, value, and engage the unique abilities inherent within each individual, by:

1. Advancing the social understanding of Gender Intelligence as the path to truegender equality: men and women equally valued for their talents and skills.

2. Providing organizations the guidance and development needed to overcome the transformational challenges in becoming gender-intelligent organizations.

3. Guiding gender-intelligent men and women to a deeper understanding of their authentic selves.

4. Highlight how our natural strengths can maximize our potential, create breakthrough results, and enable us to achieve greater workplace satisfaction.

Target Group: CEO’s, top executives and entrepreneurs from different industries in North Ameria and Europe

Location: Ljubljana and Bled, Slovenia

Date: November 24th – 26th 2016


  1. Talk on ‘When you Realise the Power of Diversity’
  2. A panel discussion on the financial upsides of mastering diversity
  3. A LEGO® Serious Play workshop for Amcham, Slovenia

Target Group: CEO’s, top executives and entrepreneurs from different industries in Slovenia

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Date: November 21st – 23rd 2016

Task: Keynote on ‘Why are Danes so Weird’ – the cultural norms and values of Danes seen from an outside perspective

Location: London, UK

Date: October 18th 2016

Task: “Gender Intelligence” – LIVING INSTITUTE’s expert Gender Parity, Senior Associate of Gender Intelligence Group co-hosts a keynote together with the CEO of Gender Intelligence Group for a global NGO

Location: Mallorca, Spain

Date: August 7th to 11th, 2016

Task: Two consultants conducting a LEGO® Serious Play workshop for invited professionals

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date: July 7th and 8th, 2016


  1. Talk on ‘When you Realise the Power of Diversity’
  2. A panel discussion on the financial upsides of mastering diversity
  3. Two LEGO® Serious Play workshops

Target Group: CEO’s, top executives and entrepreneurs from different industries in Slovenia

Location: Milan, Italy

Date: July 4th and 5th, 2016

Task: Visionary Talent Management at the Next MBA. LIVING INSTITUTE facilitates a two days LEGO® Serious Play® certification session at the ambitious MBA program in Milan.

Target Group: Business professionals with an ambition to attain a LEGO® Serious Play® certification.

Location: Verona, Italy

Date: June 28th to July 1st, 2016

Task: “LEGO® Serious Play®  Certification Program” – LIVING INSTITUTE’s expert on Strategy and Transitional Leadership, Jens Rottbøll, finalises his training and education and becomes TOF – one of eight Top global LEGO® Serious Play® Trainers and Facilitators.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Date: June 1st, 2016

Task: “Gender Intelligence “ – LIVING INSTITUTE joins a master mind session with Barbara Annis, founder of Gender Intelligence Group for a conversation on the economic benefits of creating and sustaining a culture of inclusiveness.

Target Grup: Senior decision makers in large Nordic and international companies.

Location: Gdansk, Poland

Date: May 11th, 2016

Task: “Working across cultures: a walk in the park” – LIVING INSTITUTE gives a talk to a large financial institution on how Cultural Intelligence is the key to success on the global market.

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date: April 26th, 2016

Task: LIVING INSTITUTE joins the event on “Gender in Innovation & Business” organised by COST- genderSTE with the collaboration of the Business Intelligence Center in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Objective: sharing and disseminating state of the art research, know-how and case-studies that illustrate how gender responsive innovation can move businesses forward.

Read more about genderSTE here>>

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Date: February 3rd 2016

Task: Leveraging Gender Excellence for Greater Impact – workshop on Closing the Gender Gap
This session will serve to educate the audience of the scientific differences between male and female intelligence, and how this can impact the business.
We will test assumptions and behavior to understand how, by better understanding and valuing one another, men and women can complement each other and fuel collaboration in the workplace.

Managers managing Teams, Managers Managing Managers and Executives

Location: Oslo, Norway

Date: January 23rd and 24th 2016

Task: Strategy for market entry in Norway – workshop with our Norwegian partners.
The need for Diversity Excellence Solutions with a great organizational impact is big in Norway. Norwegian companies have had a massive global footprint for centuries and cultural intelligence solutions, cross-border management and synchronization is in demand.
At the same time Norway is a pioneer country when it comes to gender equality initiatives. Time has come now to secure that the company culture promotes both men and women in all layers of the organization.

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Date: November 16th & 17th 2015

Task: Synchronizing a German/Danish management team – 2 days workshop on synchronization, alignment and communication in a multicultural management team in a Japanese pharmaceutical company situated in Germany.

Managers managing Teams, Managers Managing Managers and Executives

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Date: October 26th 2015

Task: Delivering a full day “Cultural Intelligence Workshop” on cracking the code to Nordic business culture.

We discussed the tools of CQ and identified the cultural differences that can make cultures clash if not considered. We looked into the Danish mindset’s peculiarities that have a tendency to amaze our client´s non-Danish counterparts, and we discussed how to bridge the differences, and avoid clashes when communicating in the Nordic countries.

Location: Leverkusen, Germany

Date: October 9th 2015

Task: Delivering a full day “Gender Balance Workshop” in collaboration with the Gender Intelligence Group.

In this workshop we discussed the business value of enhancing the gender balance in organisations, and the strategies towards a more inclusive and innovative company culture.

Location: Reykavik, Iceland

Date: June 18th and 19th 2015

LIVING INSTITUTE joins “INSPIRALLY WE 2015 – a global dialogue on closing the gender gap”
Contributors: Christine Lagarde, Geena Davis, Dr. Michael Kimmel and many more. Chaired by Halla Tomasdottir, Founder of Sisters Capital

“When we boost the participation of women, we boost the growth potential of a country.”
Christine Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

Read more about INSPIRALLY WE 2015 and sign up here >>

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Date: June 2nd 2015

“Diversity Intelligence – reaping the benefits of our differences”

The audience: a group of 46 people, 12 different nationalities, men and women – with one common denominator: They all work in the same global company with a very high degree of diversity on all levels of the organization.

In this talk focus will be on how to promote an inclusive one-company culture celebrating differences.

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Date: March 25th 2015

Task: Virtual team collaboration across cultures; India, Lithuania and Denmark. A Lithuanian group of new hires in the IT department of a large company in the financial sector will on a daily basis be working with their colleagues in India and Denmark. The aim of this interactive face-to-face workshop was to introduce the participants to cultural intelligence as a conducing tool in their toolbox when collaborating on distance with their new colleagues in other parts of the world.
The methodology was blended learning with a high degree of participant involvement.

Location: Princeton, NJ, USA

Date: March 17th 2015

Task: Why are Danes so weird? Many employees at Novo Nordisk USA communicate with their Danish colleagues on a regular basis. Communication and cooperation needs to be efficient. Looking from a sociological perspective, Danes, are in many ways the odd ones out. This seminar presents new insights into the Danish mindset, allowing both US and Danish employees to share a whole new common understanding in everyday working situations.

Location: Chennai, India

Date: January 12-13th 2015

Task: Virtual Team Collaboration workshop on Danish/Indian cultural differences. A visit to Chennai, India will help the employees “translate” some of the culturally enforced issues in their daily cooperation and increase their understanding of their Danish Peers.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Date: November 14th 2014

Task: Presentation: Gender Diversity – the business case of women and men joining forces. Why do companies with both men and women in top management do better financially than those who don’t?

Location: Szczecin, Poland

Date: October 7th 2014

Task: Cross Cultural Collaboration in a Danish/Polish Context. A visit to a large Danish hearing aid producer’s Polish site to help “translate” some of the culturally enforced issues in their daily cooperation.

Location: Sedona, USA

Date: September 25th – 26th 2014

Task: A deep dive into the concept of Gender Intelligence by Barbara Annis, the research, the outcome and how gender intelligence is the number one game changer today.

Location: Shanghai, China

Date: September 3rd – 7th 2014

Task: A special invitation from the Danish Chinese Chamber of Commerce to give a talk about Danish Culture and the international reality, at their annual Welcome Back Barbecue!

Location: Walldorf and Heidelberg, Germany

Date: July 21st -22nd 2014

Task: ‘Men and Women Leading Together’ Seminars on Gender Intelligence for executives conducted by Barbara Annis. A world leading IT company wants to have more female leaders on top level. By leveraging gender intelligence and initiate a change of company culture towards embracing and celebrating gender differences the company will offer equal opportunities for men and women.

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Date: June 25th 2014

Task: Diversity for HR partners in a large energy company: What factors determine if the organization can reap the benefits of diversity? To-the-point presentation, covering the organization’s challenges and opportunities on diversity.

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Date: June 2nd 2014

Task: Cultural Awareness Training for a large financial institution.

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Date: May 21st 2014

Task: How do We Attract and Retain Global Talent? Speaker at Hamburg Copenhagen Business Forum conference.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Date: May 15th-16th 2014

Task: Cross Culture Team Collaboration for a large, global healthcare company.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Date: May 19th-21st 2014

Task: Cross Border Management for a Nordic financial institution.

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Date: April 28th – May 1st 2014

Task: Synchronization Workshop for a management group in a joint venture.

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Date: April 24th 2014

Task: Cross Culture Team Collaboration: Optimizing the cooperation between Danish and Zimbabwean colleagues.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Date: March 11th 2014

Task: Cross Culture Team Collaboration for a large financial institution.

Location: Pakistan

Date:  January 19th to 28th 2014

Task: Development of program for a Danish Ministry in Pakistan.

Location: Nepal

Date: December 9th to 15th 2013

TaskFusion Process.

Location: Nuuk, Greenland

Date: December 8th to 13th 2013

Task: The Chinese are coming! How to bridge cultures.

Location: Tunisia

Date: November 18th 2013

Task: Cross Culture Team Collaboration. Living Institutes facilitates a one day workshop for cross cultural team on an offshore installation in Tunisia.

The workshop sets out to enhance the cultural competencies of the team by giving each participant a deeper knowledge about themselves and their team members.

Location: Riga, Latvia

Date: November 5th & 6th 2013

Task: Cross-Border Leadership Living Institute facilitates a two day course on cross-border leadership. The purpose of the course was to train managers of a large financial institution in Cultural Intelligence and Leadership.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Date: October 22nd – 24th 2013

Task: Leadership Program Global Leadership. Workshops for HR-Partners in a large Nordic financial institution.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Date: September 24th 2013

Task: Seminar on Nordic Cultures in a financial institution

Location: London, England

Date: September 13th 2013

Task: Cultural Intelligence A workshop for a group of engineers working on international assignments to gain knowledge on European and American cultural differences.

Location: Belgium

Date: September 13th 2013

Task: European Management LIVING INSTITUTE  facilitates a workshop for a group of managers in a Danish company manufacturing insulation products worldwide merging with another European Company. The purpose of the workshop is to gain insight to culture and how it impacts business collaboration and identify main characteristics of the two European organizational cultures.

Location: Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo

Date: August 26th – September 2nd 2013

Task: Leadership Program Global Leadership workshops for HR-Partners in a large Nordic financial institution.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Date: June 18th 2013

Task: Expatriate Counseling An employee in a large Scandinavian bank is posted in Luxembourg with his family. Mette Fog Skriver, LIVING INSTITUTE’s expatriation counsellor is an expert in the process a family experiences before, during and after living abroad. Together with an expert from Luxembourg Mette conducts a one-day workshop preparing the family for their new life in an unfamiliar culture. She assists the couple in the process of aligning expectations and concerns while preparing for the various phases of the expat cycle.

Location: Grimsby, England

Date: June 20th – 21st 2013

Task: Cross-Culture Team Collaboration A Danish company is in one year constructing an off-shore installation in Northern England. The British team is managed by a team of Danish leaders. To safe guard that the project will not be slowed down by cultural issues the management team invites LIVING INSTITUTE to facilitate a workshop on how  to harvest the benefits of diversity.

Location: Stettin, Poland

Date: March 25th – 26th 2013

Task: Leading Diversity As part of it’s talent management program one of Scandinavian’s largest financial institutions prepares the young managers to master diversity as an crucial competence in their future as cross border leaders. The workshops are conducted over a period of two years.

Location: Paris, France

Date: January 2nd – June 30th 2013

Task: Cross-Culture Team Collaboration LIVING INSTITUTE assists a client from the energy sector in establishing a teamwork between French, South Korean and Danish engineers enabling them to construct new oil rigs in the North Sea.

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The task force consists of a group of experts from LIVING INSTITUTE’s core and faculty.

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