Webinar: How to reduce Unconscious Bias

Join us on Tuesday the 27th of October at 1:00pm (CEST) for a 2 hour webinar.

Reduce unconscious bias and make better decisions

Unconscious Bias is the biggest disabler of diversity, and number one enemy of innovation.

Take control of your decisions by reducing unconscious bias 

Join the webinar and get the tools to:

  • Make better decisions

  • Create a culture of inclusion in the workplace

  • Accelerate talent attraction and retention

  • Enhance diversity and innovation

This webinar is a perfect mix of latest science, best practices, participant involvement and exercises.

How can we reduce unconscious bias in the workplace?

When we become aware of our own unconscious bias and are introduced to new processes and tools to minimize the effect of unconscious bias – we can enhance decision-making processes and inclusivity substantially.

So what is unconscious bias?

Our brain automatically tells us that we are safe with people who look, think and act similar to us.
That was our survival trick on the savannah and still is useful most of the time today.
The brain uses short-cuts to navigate an incredible amount of information which leads us to make snap decisions about who we prefer and who we avoid.
These automatic preferences and prejudices are what we call ‘biases’. As such, unconscious bias is the #1 contributor to a homogenous work environment and sameness thinking, thus a disabler of diversity and an enemy of innovation.

Watch a video on unconscious bias here:


“If you have a brain you have biases. As a responsible company, believing in inclusive leadership, it is important to us that our managers are aware of when the the auto pilot takes over in decision-making processes.
LIVING INSTITUTE has helped Copenhagen Airport putting diversity and inclusion on the agenda”

Jesper Kiby Denborg, Communications, Copenhagen Airport

“LIVING INSTITUTE’s workshop on Unconscious Bias is an eye-opener in relation to a subject which is otherwise difficult to handle. The workshop is professionally executed and participants leave the workshop with a better understanding of themselves and their workplace“

Tove Degnbol, Danish Ambassador to Ghana

“I never knew why working in diverse team could be so challenging. But now I understand why: because of our unconscious biases and preference for people who are like ourselves. But more importantly, I now have the knowledge and the tools to make diversity a competitive edge in our team if we have an inclusive mindset”

Leader of Leaders, Pharmaceuticals

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Oct 27 2020


13:00 - 15:00


Kasper Jelsbech Knudsen


Kasper Jelsbech Knudsen

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