D&I Certification for Change Agents


Get the knowledge and the tools to be an outstanding and successful diversity champion

Virtual Program – 7 modules as facilitated webinars

Next program: Starting January 13th 2022.

What this master class is about:

  • How to get full buy-in from top management

  • How to attract the talents your company crave for

  • How to retain the talents

  • How to reduce unconscious bias

  • How to create gender balance on all levels in the organization

  • How to mobilize everyone in the battle for equality and inclusivity

  • How to create a true culture of inclusion where everyone feels they belong regardless of who they are


The 7-modules D&I Master Class meets the demands of HR professionals and change agents with a key role in introducing and implementing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs in the organization. 

The program consists of 7 modules as facilitated webinars*:

Module #1, January 13th 2022:
What is Diversity Intelligence?

Module #2, January 20th:
Mechanisms and Dynamics of Inclusion

Module #3, January 27th:
Using data to drive your D&I journey 

Module #4, February 3rd:
Impactful Initiatives: Unconscious Bias Training

Module #5, February 10th:
Impactful Initiatives: Accelerating gender balance

Module #6, March 3rd:
Impactful Initiatives: Mobilizing Allies

Module #7, March 9th:
Your D&I Roadmap

*Modules may be subject to change

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The 4 components of enhancing Diversity Intelligence:

  • Drive – the business case and bottom line and the push from the top. Gap analysis – map the gaps and set the goals

  • Knowledge – identify the solutions, the initiatives, the diversity dimensions, best practice, science and the stakeholders in your organization

  • Strategy – design the right way for your organisation to meet your goals

  • Action – implement the right solutions and follow up on results


All courses and modules are developed specifically D&I Master Class by accomplished business executives, entrepreneurs and consultants with strong academic background. Materials used are research-based and practical methods are tried and tested.

We use:

  • Quantitative statistics and qualitative processes

  • Research-based knowledge made practically applicable

  • Experiential learning exercises developed by internationally renowned psychologists and actors


“The masterclass helped me to structure my views on this topic in a very practical manner. It made me look at my current knowledge on DEI critically and with new eyes. I have taken away some actionable items and am very motivated to implement them.”

Mukta Arya, Managing Director, Regional Head of Human Resources (Asia-Pacific), Societe Generale, Hong Kong, SAR

“The D&I Masterclass covers all significant aspects of Diversity and Inclusion. It brings together great sessions, to enable participants to reflect on the finer nuances of D&I in a sensitive way.”

Anshu B. Leadership Development, Coaching, Change Management, India

“Very good value and extremely inspiring!!”

Cecilie Ihlebæk, People Director, DNV, Norway

You can read all the books and hear the many talks about D&I, but what I took away from this intensive training was a whole picture and a frame based on research and facts. It has given me the capabilities to move the agenda forward.”

Susanne B. VP Global Talent and People Development, Sweden

“A very comprehensive course with an extraordinary amount of expert knowledge giving lots of food for thought about how to work with D&I in your own organization. I will definitely recommend this master class to others!”

Tina Schelle, Communications Danish Composers’ Society


It was a great experience for me, I really enjoyed every module, and I’m back now with a lot of practical knowledge to implement in Chile”

Marilen, HR consultant, Chile

“Very clear, overall and also hands-on tools to drive the D&I agenda, especially with the *wheel and also the flexibility which is needed to jump between the 4 quarters from time to time

Nadine, Global Business Partner, Denmark