– onbording expats living and working in Denmark

Join us for a whole day of

  • Hard facts and soft features
  • Dos and dont’s
  • Working culture and mentality
  • Socializing in Denmark

4 reasons to join the program:

  1. Danish Living Crash Course gives you the skill set to crack the code to the Danish mindset

  2. Danish Living Crash Course is a crash course on Danish history, working culture, mentality, dos and don’ts and the unwritten rules at work as well as in social life
  3. Danish Living Crash Course gives you a head start on your new life in Denmark
  4. Danish Living Crash Course is an impactful element of your onboarding program


Participants’ comments:

“Incredible insight to subtle aspects you can so easily overlook, but are so important and useful in everyday life as an expat.”
Anisma Goel, Chr. Hansen
“Very good way to introduce foreigners to Danish culture. More companies should use LIVING INSTITUTE to help their employees get a good start to their life in Denmark.”
Akhil Ajay, DTU
“The Danish Living Crash Course has helped me to quickly understand what influences the people I work and socialize with. A great way to integrate into a new country soon after arriving.”
Adam Bolitho, Global Brand Manager at H. Lundbeck A/S
“Great time in a friendly environment for learning how to navigate in Denmark.”
Amanda Payne-Virostko, Chr. Hansen
“If you have some doubt about the Danish culture, come to Living Institute to learn more.”
Rafael de Sousa Dutra, DTU
Andy Benson, Sony
“It is a very good and informative course. I have stayed abroad in different countries for over five years but I never came across any such course about the life style and thinking of originated citizens.”
Hasan Baig, DTU
“Even after living in Denmark for a while and being married to a Dane, I gained a much deeper understanding for why Danes do the things they do after participating in the DLCC. I only wish I could have taken it sooner!”
Cassie Wu, International HR Coordinator, Technical University of Denmark
“A very useful course, you will get an explanation of the Danish culture and get an understanding about their traditions before judging them.”
Carolina Figueroa, Center for Nanotechnology, Technical University of Denmark
“I felt like I had a fresh, renewed sense of what to expect from my life abroad after taking this class.”
Howard Frankel, USA
“Come join the Danish Living Crash Course, it will guide you through your stay in Denmark!”
Murat Nulati Yesibolati, DTU
“You can always learn a new insight into Danish culture and how you can optimize your interaction, whether at work or at home.”
Jason Bahl, USA, Lundbeck A/S
“How the Danish Living Crash Course is actually a mirror of Danish culture and society: It is direct, punctual, casual… ect. That is why it was really authentic and insightful!”
Jérôme Rueff, Sweriz, Carlsberg
“A very informative and entertaining course. The perfect combination”
Linda Dack, UK
“I wish I had had this course before I started my first job here in DK”
Patricia S. Mexico
“A very good introduction to Denmark and the Danish people and culture. Surprisingly engaging in an open way” Jonathan White, Sony
“The course is perfect and helpful! That’s a nice path for us foreigners to get a brief and impressive impression of Danish culture!”
Chunyu Zhang, DTU Elektro
“I found it insightful, intellectually challenging, utterly useful and also great fun!”
Dr. Barbara Mozdzierz, US
“Excellent. Highly recommend it. If you want an informative crash course – this is it. No long drawn out sessions over weeks or months. Just easy to digest modules highly condensed”
Michelle N. France
“This course is really interesting and every expat should attend the sooner the better!!”
Eric Faehn, DTU Compute
“Very good course/introduction about Danish society – highly recommended for new arrivals. Useful information combined with a lot of fun”
Alexander Anthon
“Great course, very helpful for expats to understand those “funny” Danes.” Claire Manten, DTU Fotonik

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