– it’s all about synchronizing diversity and reaching your international goals together

If your team consists of strong individuals with a high degree of diversity, you have a brilliant starting point to become considerably more productive than teams with no or little diversity.

In order for your team to harvest the benefits of diversity, the team members must have bridge-building skills and the ability to act culturally intelligent.

We pick and pack your workshop with these modules:
  • Clarifying team goals and purpose
  • Creating and maintaining a strong team identity built on respect
  • Building trust and handling conflict
  • Bridging the differences
  • Assessing and enhancing your level – and team level – of cultural intelligence (CQ)
  • Cross-Cultural Communication tools
  • Virtual communication collaboration media and optimal virtual conferencing

Synchronize your team and harvest the benefits of diversity


Blended learning with a high degree of participant involvement. Prior to the workshop the participants fill out an online assessment mapping the team members’ intercultural dna. Based on the findings in this analysis the workshop will be designed.


Our consultants make use of various tools designed to enhance innovation and business performance.

  • Intercultural Readiness Check© an individual and team assessment web tool
  • LEGO Serious Play© facilitated by certified LSP Trainers
  • Graphic Facilitation to have complex processes facilitated with visual tools

We have chosen these specific tools to guarantee a maximum of learning outcome, behavior change and before and after-effect

High performing diverse teams enabled to enhance productivity and innovation by constructively putting individuality and differences into play.
The team members will have the knowledge and the skills to collaborate efficiently and seamlessly.

The team members have the tools to reconcile any conflicts and navigate effortlessly in a diverse environment as well as guiding principals and guidelines have been identified and implemented.

The team share goals and values, that shape their team identity by embracing and valuing differences.


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