Become a Certified Cultural Intelligence Trainer by gaining knowledge, skills and excellent facilitation competencies.

As a Cultural Intelligence trainer, you will obtain the tools to ensure better dynamics and wellbeing when working in a diverse work environment.
Highly diverse teams can either benefit from diversity and increase productivity, innovation and creativity, or they can suffer from diversity through cultural misunderstandings, miscommunication and frustration.

We train the trainer to create local Cultural Intelligence in organizations and the opportunity to secure a high degree of team motivation.

Sign up and get:

 Two-day face-to-face workshop

 Online Cultural Intelligence learning experience

 A personal 360 online profile assessment (the Multi Rater Cultural Intelligence Assessment provided by our US partner – Cultural Intelligence Center)

 Individual two-hour feedback session by a certified Cultural Intelligence trainer from LIVING INSTITUTE

Six course steps:

  1. Introduction to Cultural Intelligence – the ability to navigate seamlessly across cultures
  2. Exploring the professional and personal side of Cultural Intelligence
  3. The role of the facilitator – how to create break through learning opportunities
  4. The impact of cultural differences when working across cultures
  5. Discover the challenges and pitfalls when working across cultures and find out how to bridge them – based on client cases
  6. Cultural parameters – the differences that make a difference, i.e. time perception, power distance, collectivistic vs. individualistic societies etc.


Research based knowledge made practically applicable, conveyed with a high degree of participant involvement and in respect of the participants’ different learning styles and preferences. The training is based on theory, presentations, practical exercises, individual learning and teamwork and conducted by two highly qualified facilitators from LIVING INSTITUTE.



Katinka Hyllested, Chief Consultant, MA in Sociology and French from Université Pa
ul Valéry, Montpellier, France and Copenhagen University. Katinka is a specialist in Cultural Intelligence® and a certified trainer from Cultural Intelligence Center, Michigan, USA. She has been working with business development, communication and strategy throughout the last 17 years.

She also lived, travelled and worked in Africa and Central America. She has been working with numerous international companies, amongst others MAN Diesel & Turbo, Novo Nordisk, L’Oréal, Mazars, Pandora, Chr. Hansen, Nordic Council of Ministers, UM, CBS and CBS Executive, Viking, CC Jensen, SDU among others.
Katinka is an External Guest Lecturer at the Department of International Business
Communication at CBS.




Kasper Jelsbech Knudsen, Chief Consultant,
PhD in Anthropology and Keynote Speaker.
Kasper’s passion lies in promoting cultures of inclusion. He specialises in inclusive leadership, advancing gender parity, unconscious bias mitigation and cross-culture as well as disciplinary collaborations.
Though based in Denmark, Kasper has lived, worked, and studied in various countries, among others Ghana, USA, Cuba, and Nepal.
In his PhD dissertation, Kasper’s research has centered on the concept of culture and how people on different continents by applying cultural intelligence can enhance collaboration and bridge national and cultural differences.
In his work, Kasper himself has collaborated with a wide range of people, businesses, organizations, and institutions. Moreover, Kasper is an experienced educator and knowledge communicator and regularly holds lectures on Copenhagen Business School in Business Culture.

As Chief Consultant, Kasper draws from his practical and theoretical knowledge of how to promote cultural diversity in a work environment by facilitating counselling, workshops and training, in addition Kasper is a brilliant and entertaining keynote speaker.

Kasper has successfully enhanced organizational diversity intelligence in Mazars, Siemens, Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Systematic, Cowi, Coloplast, Novo Nordisk, NNE and many more.

Kasper is a certified LEGO Serious Play® Facilitator and certified provider of the individual assessment tool: Intercultural Readiness Check.

Kasper is fluent in English, Danish, and Spanish.