Ann Kristin Vilsvik


Ann Kristin Vilsvik, Senior Consultant at LIVING INSTITUTE Norway.
Ann Kristin has an MSc within International Strategy and Marketing, from the Norwegian School of Management and a Bachelor in Business Administration from California Lutheran University.
She has studied and worked in the US.

Ann Kristin has many years’ experience from management positions, with solid experience from change management with prime focus on business culture and organizational development. She has managed several restructuring processes, coaching new managerial teams and groups, leading international negotiations and streamlining optimal value chains. This has given her a broad proficiency and know-how towards how organizations are made capable of innovation, in which diversity enhances creativity. Ann Kristin has served several Boards with the same capacities.

Based on her experience related to the importance of, and how to enhance through diversity, Ann Kristin will now secure that Norwegian companies can navigate culturally intelligent in a global market, through Diversity intelligence.

Contact Ann Kristin here:

+ 47 91 38 61 41