INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP – claim the future

A new innovative leadership program for global leaders 

With increased global competition, it is crucial to attract and retain the greatest talents from a diverse workforce – and that leaders know how to unlock the benefits of diversity.

The Inclusive Leadership program meets the demands of companies looking to become top performers and industry leaders by rebuilding leaders who can:

  1. Motivate and engage teams with a high degree of diversity on all parameters i.e. gender, ethnicity, age, profession and cultural background
  2. Create and sustain cultures of inclusion in which opposing perspectives are authentically valued
  3. Connect with diverse customers, welcome and celebrate a diverse spectrum of ideas and solutions –  and enable different individuals in the teams to reach their full potential
The Inclusive Leadership Program has been developed in collaboration with Innovation Fund Denmark


Inclusive Leadership is a training program in 3 modules with an appendix.
Presence: 8 days 

Module #1 The New Leadership Paradigm

Two days of intensive workshop activities mapping competencies, unconscious bias and blind spots

Module#2 Deep Dive into the Science of Creating Innovative Cultures of Inclusion

Two days in of tapping  in to 500 years of knowledge, research and science. Digging into the latest research on Diversity Intelligence

Module #3 Implementing Strategies for Building Cultures of Inclusion

Two days of navigating the mine fields of exclusion and homogeneity followed by designing new inclusive values and behaviours

The Appendix Module: Hackathon – hacking into the Future of Innovation

Two days of facilitated innovation with leading experts through a full hackathon.


Research based knowledge made practically applicable, conveyed with a high degree of participant involvement and in respect of the participant’s different learning styles and preferences. The training is based on presentations, real life cases, practical exercises and teamwork.
All courses are developed specifically for Inclusive Leadership by accomplished business executives, entrepreneurs and consultants with strong academic background.
Materials used are research-based and practical methods are tried and tested.
We use:

  • Individual Diversity Intelligence assessment tools tested by more than 50.000 people worldwide
  • Quantitative statistics and qualitative processes
  • Experiential learning exercises developed by internationally renowned psychologists and actors

The Facilitators:

LIVING INSTITUTE’s facilitators have management experience on executive level from global companies as well as an academic background on PhD level.

Read more about the facilitators here



LIVING INSTITUTE has over the years designed and conducted sequential Leading Diversity Training Programs for clients in sectors ranging from banking, engineering, construction, public administration and more, in various countries – often as a part of existing talent management and executive training programs.