Building a culture of innovation and inclusion

Companies with a high degree of gender balance increase their bottom-line substantially compared to companies with a low degree of gender balance.
At LIVING INSTITUTE we offer impactful tailored solutions and workshops to enhance gender balance and an inclusive and innovative company culture.

Book a workshop in your company:

“How to accelerate the advancement of women and create an inclusive culture

Content of the workshop:

  • The illusion of sameness – the gender differences that make a difference
  • Latest research on biological differences between female and male brains
  • Identifying blind spots and mitigating unconscious biases
  • The healthy pipeline: How to leverage the best male and female talents?
  • Men and women working and winning together – How to built a culture with a high degree of correlation between intentions and actions
  • Formulating guidelines and implementing new gender proof processes and practices

Take Away from the Workshop:

  • To attain tools and knowledge of how to identify and handle unconscious biases and blind spots
  • To gain knowledge and competencies to change a company culture favouring one gender instead of celebrating differences
  • To create an inclusive culture where both men and women feel valued and enabled to release their full potential
  • To consolidate unbiased promotion at recruiting practices
  • To have the knowledge of how to create a healthy gender balanced talent pipeline
  • To assure the organization mirrors the markets and clients

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