We create inclusive and innovative workplaces for everyone

Diversity makes us smarter, more creative and innovative

Still many companies struggle to achieve a diversity at senior management levels.

Only when the company culture is diversity intelligent and inclusive, you are able to harvest the full potential of a diverse workforce.
Studies and research show that companies with a diversified top management team significantly outperform companies with a homogeneous top management team.
They are more effective, creative and innovative, and they mirror their customers and markets to a higher degree.

LIVING INSTITUTE offers a range of solutions aiming to enhance, to create a healthy talent pipeline and an inclusive and diversity intelligent company culture.


#1. Diversity in the tech industry

A large international cooperation in the tech industry realized that there was an absence of strategic focus areas in regards to secure an absolute diversity intelligent approach to recruitment, managing top talents, external and internal communication and obtaining gender parity in top management.

LIVING INSTITUTE was invited to conduct a workshop for the global executive committee to identify and qualify impactful solutions to the problem.

#2. Gender Balance in Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In a Nordic country the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had over the past years introduces a range of solutions to close the gender gap.
To speed up the process of reaching gender parity from top to bottom in the organization the internal task force in the Ministry invited LIVING INSTITUTE to present which solutions would benefit the course most.

#3. Gender Balance in the Top of the University

The leading Technical University in a Scandinavian country realized that they were loosing some of the best talent and most promising researchers early on in their career. There seemed to be a glass ceiling affecting the under-represented gender’s career path negatively.

The university established a task force to design and launch a programme to remedy the situation. LIVING INSTITUTE served as counsellors and was invited to conduct a pilot workshop for the task force.